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American Pride Waste Solutions Success Factors

American Pride Waste Solutions understands the nuances and intricacies of serving the unique needs of our community.  We recognize that many Hilton Head residents and rental properties require flexible collection schedules.  We also recognize that while we’re very proud of our trucks, many of the area communities prefer to minimize a garbage truck’s occurrence on their streets.  That is why our thoughtful approach to servicing the Hilton Head communities involves three critical success factors: scheduling, truck technology and considerate service.  

1st Success Factor:  Flexible and Reliable

American Pride Waste Solutions first success factor has a flexible, yet reliable collection schedule.  Through careful consideration and lessons learned we have crafted collection schedules which are flexible for meeting the varied needs of rental property managers while providing for the reliable collection of all types of waste and recycling.  Our collection schedules are flexible for the influx and turnover on differing types of rental properties as we recognize that rental durations can vary by the month, the week, or simply fun weekends.  Our schedules can be customized to meet every rental manager’s needs.  At the same time American Pride’s schedules provide steady, reliable collection for homeowner and renter communities with minimal, managed visibility.  We visit neighborhoods, gated communities and apartment complexes once or twice weekly with minimal truck exposure to achieve quiet and efficient garbage collection. 

2nd Success Factor:  Split Body Technology

American Pride Waste Solutions second success factor is the use of split body technology in our collection trucks.  The split bodies allow for collection of garbage and recycling in one trip, minimizing the number of times a truck needs to visit a location.  This advance design in truck technology not only saves on trips to your curb but also saves on fuel consumption and carbon monoxide emissions.  American Pride is able to provide a high level of collection service while keeping the trucks from becoming an inconvenient existence in your community.   

3rd Success Factor:  Level of Service

American Pride Waste Solutions third success factor is the level of service. Hilton Head is unique because it requires “back door service”. This requires awareness of the many types of property locations and the details of each collection location on each site. This also requires that we perform prompt and careful collections such as “replacing lids,” “properly closing doors” and leaving the service are “neat and clean”.